Submitting an event to the Student Life Events Calendar is easy. Just follow the appropriate directions below

Note: This service is only for departments and student organizations of the University of Southern Indiana to help promote their event through placing it on the Student Life Events Calendar.The Office of Student Development Programs is not responsible for making reservations. Therefore prior to submitting an event to the calendar, please make sure your room reservations have been confirmed by Special Events.

My Organization Does Not Have an OrgSync Portal

If your organization does not have an OrgSync portal you will need to complete the Student Life Event Calendar Request

My Organization Has an OrgSync Portal

  1. Log-In to MyUSI
  2. Click the OrgSync Icon
  3. Select Organization Portal Sponsoring the event
  4. Select Events on the left menu bar
  5. Click Create an Event
  6. Complete Step 1
  7. Under Step 2- Check "Request to Share on Community Calendar"
  8. The event must be public
  9. Complete Step 3 & 4 if necessary
  10. Submit

How can I submit an event already created in my portal?

  1. Select and edit the event
  2. Under Step 2- Check "Request to Share on Community Calendar"
  3. Submit

I do not see a "Create an Event" button

Each student organization has the ability to limit who can manage the events on their calendar within their portal. If you do not see a "Create an Event" Button then you will need to speak to an administrator of your organization's portal.