In Greek mythology, Hermes was an Olympian god known as the messenger God for Zeus. Depicted most often carrying a herald’s staff, a winged cap, and winged sandals (the newsletters logo), Hermes is one of the most recognizable Greek Gods. The term “herald” is synonymous with messages, as heralds were originally messengers sent by monarchs or noblemen to convey messages or proclamations. It is the reason why some newspapers choose to be titled “Herald”.

Hermes Herald will be a monthly update on the University of Southern Indiana’s Fraternity & Sorority Life. It will be electronically to chapter leadership and advisors and made available for all students through the Fraternity/Sorority Life website. It is the hope that Hermes Herald will provide transparent, detailed communication of upcoming events, helpful tips, and community announcements between the Office of Student Development Programs and its’ audience. We hope you enjoy Hermes Herald and find it be a helpful resource.

Current Edition- Summer 2013

In this Edition

  • Who is Hermes? What is a Herald

  • Community Spotlight

  • Review of 2012-2013

  • Summer Slump

  • Preview of 2013-2014

  • Calendar

  • Advisor’s Final Thoughts

Past Editions


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