Orientation Dates & Schedule

The University of Southern Indiana has two orientation programs; New Student and Transfer/Adult Student.  

The New Student Orientation is designed for students entering a university for the first time or for transferring students that have earned less than 19 credits at another institution.

Dates for Fall 2014:  
Thursday, March 27* Friday, June 20
Friday, March 28* Saturday, June 21
Thursday, April 24-Session Full Friday, July 11
Friday, April 25-Session Full Saturday, July 12
Friday, May 30 Wednesday, August 20
Saturday, May 31  

* Special Invite based on academic performance.

The Transfer/Adult Student Orientation is designed for students who are transferring 19 or more college hours from another college or university or an adult student. Adult students are defined as students that are 25 years of age or older who are attending college for the first time, or are returning after an extended absence.


Dates for Fall 2014
Saturday, May 31
Saturday, June 21
Saturday, July 12
Wednesday, August 20

Review the schedule for your orientation by selecting correct schedule below. 


New Student Orientation Transfer/Adult Student Orientation